Tuesday, 13 August 2013

WATAMOTE ~No Matter How I Look at It, It’s You Guys Fault I’m Not Popular!~ - Episode 6

The summer holidays are almost upon our unfortunate protagonist as this week's WATAMOTE begins - but hey, finding someone to hang out and watch the fireworks with will be no problem for someone as steeped in the ways of love as Tomoko, right?

Of course, the trouble is that all of this experience comes from visual novels, but then again maybe that isn't such a bad thing... isn't Tomoko looking a little more radiant and, well, normal after a night of gaming?  Having noticed it for herself, there's only one conclusion to be drawn, and even a women's magazine seems to back it up - the hormones released from love and sex make a woman more beautiful.  Thus, playing visual novels and eroge non-stop will surely net her any guy she wants...

Indeed, the next day sees Tomoko receiving an unusual amount of male attention, which of course is absolutely nothing to do with the fact that there are ants crawling all over her or anything, while Tomoko herself  is too shocked to even respond to any of these "advances".  Thanks to this, even come the summer holidays and the fireworks that accompany it, Tomoko can find nobody to share the experience of watching them with her despite her best efforts.  Then again, it seems that fate has destined that she get to watch a very different display that night...

As episodes of WATAMOTE go, this has felt like one of the show's stronger instalments - its structure and pacing seemed to work in its favour rather than against it, and although the series remains anything but a pinnacle of hilarity it offered just about enough entertainment value to get by even if it only really had one joke to fall back on; that being the same joke as every week's episode, now I think about it.  But hey, even repetitive humour can tickle me sometimes, and this is probably as close as WATAMOTE has gotten to succeeding in its endeavours.

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