Monday, 19 August 2013

A Certain Scientific Railgun S - Episode 18

ITEM are out on another assignment, this time under some watchful eyes even if this is unbeknownst to them - could it be that more nefarious activities are at hand within Academy City?

Meanwhile, Mitsuko Kongo is using her powers to stop a petty thief only to find herself chastised for it by an unspoken young man who is clearly no random passer-by, and some strange goings-on that has caused a bunch of traffic signals to fail keeps Uiharu and Kuroko busy when they'd rather be elsewhere.  Couple this with the unexpected discovery of a little girl sleeping in a bed of flowers by the usual gang, and it's almost as if this episode is building up a new story arc...

That aside, the emotional focus of this episode is on Uiharu and Haruue, as we finally get to the bottom of what was bugging the former in particular in last week's episode - put simply, Haruue is moving out so that she can instead move in with the freshly discharged Banri to help her out as she transitions from hospital life to real life.  As the group celebrates Banri's discharge it's a bittersweet moment for Uiharu especially as she has to face up to student life without the roommate that's defined a period of her life.

I have to confess, that emotional core of this week's A Certain Scientific Railgun S was both effective and pretty satisfying, again serving as a reminder of the strength of the show's main cast beyond their special powers (although who do I have to talk to to hire the Kuroko Teleporation Taxi Service?).  It's a shame then that some of the build-up to the story arc that will define the remainder of the series felt pretty disjointed, flitting around all over the place and not always giving what was going on enough time to really sink it effectively.  Still, at least we're slowly setting up for what will hopefully be more good stuff in the near future - fingers crossed it can at least go some way towards matching the stellar Sisters arc, tough ask though that is.

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