Saturday, 31 August 2013

A Certain Scientific Railgun S - Episode 20

The immediate threat of "malfunctioning" security robots over, Anti-Skill find themselves rather baffled as to how these machines could have caused any issues at all as they reveal that these were new units that hadn't even had batteries installed yet.

While Kuroko and Uiharu continue to investigate the scene with Anti-Skill, Misaka and Saten take Febri for some ice cream, before the group reconvenes for no particularly good reason (aside from the obvious) at a bath house for more fun and frolics.

In the midst of all this, sinister goings on continue with the mysterious individuals who now seem intent upon testing Misaka's powers, and the group's post-bath walk soon turns into a detour straight into a trap - a dead end leading to a warehouse which holds some kind of terrifying mechanical menace.  With this machine proving more or less invulnerable to Misaka's electrical attacks, the group are in a tight spot before the machine mysteriously stops at a pivotal moment just in time for Kongou to save the day.  With Febri taken ill in the aftermath of all of this, concern for her overtakes any worries about who was responsible for this attack, and it's news about Febri that provides some punch to the end of this week's episode...

Although this latest story arc finally seems to be warming up by the time we reach the end of this instalment, it sure has taken a while to get there - most of the first half of this week's episode was effectively superfluous, and the story insists upon slowly teasing details out of the narrative in a way that feels like it's trying to elongate things rather than to actually aid delivery of the story.  Hopefully the rest of this arc can hit the ground running from next week onwards, so that the series can end with a bang rather than a whimper.

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