Saturday, 10 August 2013

il sole penetra le illusioni ~ Day Break Illusion - Episode 6

Having spent the series so far being stand-offish, it's time for Seira to get her episode in the spotlight with this week's instalment of Day Break Illusion.

The episode begins with Seira helping out another magical girl team (well, duo to be precise), to whom she admits that she doesn't even really feel comfortable calling her own set of comrades a team, mainly due to her inability to hold any appreciation for Akari's ability to hear the voices of Daemonia, believing it to be nothing more than an unnecessary distraction.

When Seira bumps into a pair of girls out shopping and befriend them both, it brings us a glimpse into exactly why she's so determined to terminate Daemonia without prejudice - it's an attitude put to a stern test however when one of her two new-found friends collapses with heart problems, and the other proves willing to do anything to help her friend get the transplant she needs...

Once again, the only illusion this series seems to have about itself is that it has some truly fascinating dark story-telling to hand, whereas all it actually has to offer is clumsy and blatantly obvious narrative to dole up every week.  As soon as Seira was rolled out as the main character of this week's episode you could see where it was headed, and lo and behold some suitably silly back story was delivered against the backdrop or perhaps the most obvious plot ever to grace the small screen.  When you can map out an episode in your head a good fifteen minutes before any of it happens, it's hard to even call it entertainment any more, and more patience with this series has pretty much run out at this point.  Hopefully it can at least kick on and do something a little more interesting now that most of its heavy-handed character development is out of the way.

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