Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Genshiken Second Season - Episode 7

The events just keep on coming for the Genshiken crew, and no sooner is Comiket out of the way it's time to start thinking about the college's Spring Fair and what the group might present for said event.

While there's some talk of holding a cosplay photo shoot for the event (no prizes for guessing where that comes from), Oguie is keen to get a magazine published that Genshiken can sell at the event.  After finding out that this plan won't run afoul of the powers that be, the question is finding people willing to create suitable content for it.  Yajima and Yoshitake originally plan to collaborate on a story written by the latter and illustrated by the former, but "creative differences" soon put paid to that idea, and it seems that Ogiue's idea to have Hato create his own manga also soon runs into problems.

To be precise, Hato has a dilemma - he can create fantastic illustrations but only when dressed as a girl, and the resulting works are... well... not entirely family friendly.  Conversely, when dressed as a guy Hato has no problem keeping his imagination in check, but his actual artistic ability leaves a lot to be desired.  Eventually, Ogiue strikes upon an idea to workaround this problem - she'll create the story herself, and allow Hato to illustrate it.  However, Ogiue is keen on creating some kind of love story based around a school festival, so is there anyone in the group to draw experience from?  Maybe so...

This might not have been the most laugh out loud instalment of this series so far, but it was still a huge amount of fun to watch once again - somehow I'm still yet to tire on the incessant focus on Hato even though his "powers" are becoming more ludicrous by the week (and this is coming from someone who acknowledges that I work better dependent upon what I'm wearing), and the rest of the cast are as engaging as ever to keep things moving along nicely.  In other words it's just really enjoyable to hang out with the Genshiken every week, and I hope it continues in that vein for its remaining episodes.

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