Monday, 26 August 2013

Blood Lad - Episode 8

The search begins (again) for Fuyumi in this week's Blood Lad, but no sooner does it start than Liz in particular runs into a new problem.

The issue in question is Beros, some kind of demonic policewoman who duly arrests Braz, thus removing any possibility of him helping or offering up additional information about where Fuyumi might have gone.  For Liz's part, she's unable to find Fuyumi even with the aid of the tracking device planted on her, suggesting that she's currently somewhere outside of even Braz's reach.  As Staz beings to find the clues he needs to track down his missing friend, so Fuyumi pops out into the open for just long enough to both alert Bell of her whereabouts while also allowing Liz to track her location for a split second.

Given her abilities it's none too surprising that Bell is first on the scene, but she's quickly confronted by a dilemma as it's none other than her brother who has captured Fuyumi at the behest of their mother.  As blood runs thicker than water, Bell sees no choice but to help her brother in whatever odd job it is he's involved in, which puts her into immediate conflict with Staz... a difficult battle at the best of times, but even more so once Bell finds herself in a decidedly compromising position that leaves her no option but to switch sides again and help Staz's rescue mission.

Even as it continues to move along at break-neck pace, Blood Lad remains incredibly dull to watch as it runs through its gamut of bad jokes, sloppy action and fan service without ever really providing much in the way of entertainment or notable humour, not helped by the fact that its constantly shifting narrative goals have very little to distinguish themselves from one another.  In other words, Blood Lad's constant rinse and repeat in terms of its story-telling is about as interesting as washing your hair.

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