Monday, 12 August 2013

Blood Lad - Episode 6

With his powers revived thanks to the removal of that pesky bullet, Staz is now adequately prepared to take on a rampaging monster at his brother's behest.  Not that he particularly wants to, mind you...

Staz's arrival on the scene is not a moment too soon either, as in spite of his best efforts even Wolf's strongest powers have little effect on this particular enemy, between his almost zombie-like properties and his ability to manipulate and shift through space a la Bell.

If Wolf has met his match, the same cannot be said for Staz, and things really come to a head when his opponent disses him for attempting a Kamehameha - if there's one thing you don't do it's cast aspersions on one of Staz's animated idols, and the next thing we know it's game over and the day is won.  Things still don't seem to be going exactly to plan in the aftermath of this however - Wolf is more interested in another match-up with Staz than checking in on Fuyumi's condition, Franken's own hopes of dealing with Fuyumi are also dealt a blow by the appearance of Braz, and it seems that his big brother also has another mission in hand for Staz to boot.

After a number of tepid episodes of Blood Lad, this week's instalment did at least feel like an improvement of sorts - its riffing on Dragon Ball Z amused me (perhaps more than it should have), and a random reference to Hayao Miyazaki also tickled me, if only because I imagine even Staz wouldn't want to get on the wrong side of the old geezer.  It's actually enough to get me wondering why the series doesn't lean harder into its protagonist's otaku tendencies - yes, it makes for lazy comedy, but in a show that can hardly be described as doing anything original it would potentially hold up a lot better than the half-baked gags we've been treated to for the most part.  Mix that in with some stronger action elements (although I'm not sure what the series can do now that it's made Staz so insanely powerful), and you might have actually had a more watchable series on your hands.

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