Saturday, 3 August 2013

Servant x Service - Episode 5

Waking up next to Hasebe after a night of drinking seems like the worst kind of nightmare, so imagine waking up next to Hasebe and finding out that it's a girl.  And that there are two Hasebes...

It;s this nightmare that we join Lucy in the midst of as this week's Servant x Service begins - thankfully, it turns out that the female Hasebe is in fact the sister of our favourite lecherous civil servant, as he'd rather kindly taken Lucy there to sleep off the after-effects of all that alcohol from the departmental night out.  This leaves Lucy feeling indebted to her co-worker once again, leading to her bringing sweets for both his sister and himself while seemingly completely ignorant to any of the tension that might normally arise from the situations she finds herself in.

Of course, Hasebe's actions puts him at the thick end of a telling-off from Ichimiya as he lectures his charge on the pitfalls of workplace relationships.  However, this is all reckoning without one rather massive secret - Taishi is actually dating Chihaya, a secret he's keeping from both his work colleagues and his sister.  Given his devotion to said sister, this isn't exactly the easiest relationship in the world, and given her table-flipping proclivities it's pretty clear who wears the trousers in this relationship... well, when she isn't wearing Touko's school uniform, at least...

For all of my initial doubts about this series, my enjoyment of Servant x Service is growing by the week - this episode made me laugh out loud a number of times, and a cast that I originally suspected might have limited value in terms of the show's longevity are proving me wrong each and every week.  Although it's most assuredly simply Working in a different setting in many ways, this is increasingly proving to be no bad thing, and I'm having a whole lot of fun watching this show... and if that isn't the point of a comedy such as this, what is?

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