Thursday, 29 August 2013

Servant x Service - Episode 9

Lucy may have her troubles, but it's Chihaya who is truly distracted as this week's Servant x Service begins.

Between the continued complexities of dealing with boyfriend Taishi and her various costume creating efforts that flit from cosplay through to figuring out what Lucy should wear on her date with Hasebe, she certainly has a lot on her plate, and with her relationship frustrations building taking Yamagami out shopping for a skirt seems like the best possible option.  With her low self-esteem and uncertainty however, Lucy isn't exactly the easiest girl in the world to shop for though, although a glimpse into Chihaya's past shows at least something of a kindred spirit in days gone by.

Later on, Miyoshi finally finds herself introduced to Hasebe's sister, which in turn allows her to be granted Kaoru's take on Jouji Tanaka's personality and his rather "unique" relationship with her brother - not that it really helps her impression of him much.  More importantly, Miyoshi almost causes a major incident via a sentence only half-heard by Hasebe which leaves him with the false impression that Lucy is now engaged - a thought that sends him into a major slump, to a point from which even the resolution of this misunderstanding doesn't particularly lighten his mood.  If that isn't love, I don't know what is...

Its second half may have wavered a little, but once again there was no shortage of laugh out loud moments in this week's instalment of Servant x Service - as well as establishing its characters, it feels as if the dialogue within the series has really picked up over the weeks to the point where it can churn out plenty of great comments and one-liners when required to keep the humour coming even when its plot points are arguably a little tired and almost lazy.  In other words, watching this series is as fun as ever, and when all else fails Yamagami's ahoge continues to dazzle as the summer season's most energetic on-screen performer.

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