Friday, 23 August 2013

Servant x Service - Episode 8

Lucy may still be feeling frustrated by her name, but it seems that her particular brand of troubles are as of nothing compared to some of those around her.

As Hasebe takes Yamagami out to eat yet again, it appears that Tanaka has taken more than a passing interest in these events, and he begins to hatch a plan which effectively involves all-but kidnapping Lucy so that he can not only spill the beans about his relationship with his friend-cum-enemy, but also in the hope of asking Yamagami out to steal her from Hasebe - a plan that would have worked a whole lot better had he not been drunk while attempting to do so, I would wager...

Tipped off by Miyoshi about what is transpiring Hasebe steps in to rescue Lucy and resolve the situation (mostly by repeatedly punching Tanaka, admittedly), bringing yet another round of profound thank yous from Yamagami.  Indeed, such is Lucy's attitude as he talks with Hasebe and tries to help him out with his own problems that the poor fellow is falling entirely head over heels for her to the point where he can barely function in the workplace - quite a feat for someone who typically barely functions in the workplace.  Still, even in this compromised state Hasebe isn't beyond putting together a perfect plan to get Lucy to go out on a date with him, even managing to rope Chihaya in on the act into the bargain.

It's perhaps telling as to how Servant x Service can ease itself along quite happily week on week when the show's post-credit moment of surrealism and a hilarious spot the difference contest are its comedy highlights - then again, it doesn't need to go all-out in terms of injecting humour into everything when it has a cast that everyone has warmed to so greatly.  Even if it isn't making me laugh very much, I still enjoy simply hanging out with its characters each week and watching the shifting sands of their various relationships.  It's exactly the same trick that Working pulled off so well, and although I'd still rate that show higher than this one it shouldn't obfuscate the fact that this is a whole lot of fun too.

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