Friday, 9 August 2013

Servant x Service - Episode 6

It's tough getting close to your work colleagues when you're the odd one out in so many ways.... particularly when those differences include being a stuffed rabbit.

Nonetheless, the section manager is determined to try and bridge the gap between himself and the young charges under his watch, and decides that the best way to do so is to spend some time watching them work while poised atop their shoulder.  Of course, no employee wants their boss watching their every move over that shoulder, rabbit or not, so it's fair to say that this attempt really isn't much of a success.

As the boss ponders how he can do more to ingratiate himself with his staff, those staff members have problems of their own - Ichimiya worries (needless, it ultimate proves) about whether his sister has any friends, and Miyoshi is enduring something of a slump that leads to her considering quitting the job completely.  On top of all this - and after managing to mortally wound Hasebe's self-confidence - she also has to deal with the constantly chattering "customer" Tanaka, who has now got it into her head that Miyoshi should really consider marrying her grandson, in a plot device which doubtless has some distance left to run...

This wraps up another mildly amusing and endearing episode of Servant x Service - the series is hardly a non-stop juggernaut of belly laughs, but it still manages to make me laugh or at least smile enough for me to be content that it's doing its job pretty well, and at this point its characters have bedded into the series pretty well while still keeping some secrets up their sleeves.  I honestly suspected that I might be bored of the series by now, but despite my assumptions it's managed to keep on trucking towards its half-way point.

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