Saturday, 24 August 2013

A Certain Scientific Railgun S - Episode 19

Having found a small child alone in a flowerbed in the middle of the park, there is but one question for the quartet of friends as this week's A Certain Scientific Railgun S begins - what do they do with her now?

While Saten has no trouble coaxing a name - Febri - out of and making friends with this girl, it seems that Misaka is a little more intimidating for this little 'un; despite knowing her name, she doesn't want to get too close to the Level 5.  With the day growing late and no other options, Saten offers to look after this kid for the night at her place with the help of Uiharu.

Come the next morning, there's still no helpful information about Febri in terms of whether she's a missing or lost child or to whom she belongs, leaving no options other than to label her a Child Error (a harsh piece of terminology if ever there was one) and to find her a home to be placed in.  worried about her well-being, the group ensure that they find a good orphanage for her to go to, despite this meaning that the gang will have to look after her for another five days until a suitable place opens up.  If Febri herself proves to be an occasional handful, especially when Misaka tries to look after her for a spell, it's as of nothing compared to the dangers it seems that Misaka might have just brought upon herself by her involvement in this child's life...

In all honesty, I was hoping this week's episode would be a little faster moving than it ultimately turned out to be - while it was pleasant enough to watch it didn't really do a whole lot to reveal the underlying story being built up, and it took a long time to bring those underlying elements into sufficient contact with Misaka to make her the focus of whatever is going on.  Hopefully know this has been done we can crack on and get to the meat of this story arc, as it's certainly had more than enough build-up now.

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