Saturday, 31 August 2013

Danganronpa - Episode 9

Yet another death brings the remaining student trapped in their nightmarish school perhaps their trickiest case yet - what appears to be a "locked room" mystery.  Then again, perhaps that very fact is what should make this their easiest case thus far...

Regardless, with a few clues and oddities in-hand, as another classroom trial begins it takes no time at all for an obvious culprit to be fingered, with Fukawa announcing that she saw Hagakure whacking Sakura with a bottle.  However, given that the victim suffered two blows to the head, who provided the second?  It seems that Fukawa, as her Genociber alter-ego, was responsible for this one, but even this doesn't explain the fact that Ohgami was ultimately poisoned.

It's to Asahina that accusations turn at this point, as her footprints and whereabouts seem to match the possibility that a protein shake was switched out with poison.  Lo and behold, Asahina willingly admits her guilt... this still doesn't explain the whole locked room problem though, and with a little more thought the truth emerges - there was no murderer, but rather a case of suicide.  Therefore, the "culprit" has again been successfully identified, although that doesn't stop Monokuma from using his punishment game to a different end, that being the destruction of Alter Ego.  The remaining students are now determined to put up a united front to find out the truth behind their circumstances, but it seems that Monokuma also has some more tricks up his own sleeve...

After a lot of rather entertaining twisting and turning as the story behind the latest incident unraveled, its eventual revelation wasn't exactly too much of a shock given that it seemed the most logical outcome which other evidence only seemed to be obfuscating.  It's entertainment that this series is ultimately all about though, so I suppose I can forgive it that as we enter what looks to be a rather different final leg of the series which I'm plenty curious to see.  I'll openly admit to being a little unimpressed with the eventual layout of its previous couple of mysteries in comparison to my expectations, but as long as Danranronpa remains fun to watch, as it's succeeded in thus far, it's still onto a winner overall.

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