Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Blood Lad - Episode 7

Now that Staz has his brother onsite (if only somewhat), it's time to get down to the serious business of resurrecting Fuyumi.

Inevitably this isn't the kind of process that can be completed with merely a wave of a magic wand, so Staz is left to play "blood bank" to her again while Braz begins the process by taking the samples he needs to create Fuyumi a new body.  Of course, he isn't doing this merely out of some sense of charity - in fact, he's more interested in getting a hold of evidence of Staz's new, unlocked powers that were also contained within the samples taken from Fuyumi.

As Braz heads off to begin his work, Liz is left behind to keep an eye on his little brother.  In spite of her best efforts to remain focused upon the task at hand, she can't help but be won over by Fuyumi in particular as the latter bathes, sleeps with and helps out the former - a first for this decidedly lonely young girl.  When Liz wakes to find Fuyumi gone and only a note in her place saying "Don't look for me", it's clear that the note is a hoax and that Fuyumi has been kidnapped.  Cue a search for the mysterious individual who seems likely to be at the centre of it all.

Once again, Blood Lad manages to produce an episode that is as dull as it is rote - I can't deny that the show's story keeps progressing and moving it an impressive pace, but when none of those developments are interesting in the slightest there really isn't too much to praise about it.  Mix that in with the clunky animation and humour that rarely (if ever) hits the mark, and the only reason I'm still watching the series at this point is so that you don't have to.

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