Thursday, 22 August 2013

Silver Spoon - Episode 7

Having seen the homely, small-time take on farming thanks to his helping Mikage's family during the summer break, this episode grants Hachiken an opportunity to see the other side of the farming coin.

This comes courtesy of Tamako and her family's GIGA FARM (it isn't actually capitalised but it's the kind of name you can only really shout out loud), a frighteningly large establishment which covers a vast area and uses a lot of the latest technology with a view towards being fast and efficient at all things, and with little time for sick or diseased animals whatsoever.  This visit also reveals the true extent of Tamako's passion for making money, to the point where she seems all set to kick her parents out of their own business so that she can expand the business and "go global".

All this talk of inheritance once again sees Mikage looking a little gloomy for reasons that she finally reveals to Hachiken come the end of this week's episode, while some more time spent on the GIGA FARM (like I say, I'm sorry but I have to shout it out) proves that it isn't quite as heartless a place as it initially looks, with the birth of a baby calf giving Hachiken some (admittedly gross, to his eyes) perspective on how life is still something to be celebrated even in this sterilised and highly business-oriented environment.

While I still enjoyed this week's episode of Silver Spoon, and it still had me laughing out loud a few times, it didn't quite have the punch of prior instalments somehow.  Maybe it's the fact that a lot of the thoughts explored in this episode had been at least touched on previously; at least, I hope it's that as I'd hate to think that this series is running out of steam already.  Still, even when it wavers a little this series is still providing plenty of entertainment, so I'm hardly ready to sound the death knell for it or anything, and from a wider view it's nice to see its relationships within the show continue to develop at a nice pace to add another reason to keep on coming back for more.

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