Monday, 19 August 2013

Danganronpa - Episode 7

Our ever-dwindling group of academy students have now found themselves with not one but two murders to ponder this time around - is this a scenario that they can ever hope to get to the bottom of?

Initially (and as is so often the case with these things), it seems to be clear as to who the culprit- or perhaps culprits - are.  Yamada's final words don't seem particularly helpful, but with both Kirigiri and Hagakure missing there are two obvious students without alibis.  This isn't exactly helped by the fact that Hagakure is foind, by Kirigiri no less, dressed as the so-called "justice robot" - although he claims he was forced into the suit by somebody, it's hard to shake the implications of what this might mean.

As the trial rolls around, it's up to Naegi to put on his thinking cap and make sense of the madness once again - having put paid to any thoughts that those without alibis were responsible, it looks as if the gang might reach a stalemate and all lose this horrendous game, before Naegi stumbled across a simple sentence that beings to unravel the lies and deceits which led up to these dual murders...

Just like the previous arc, there are moments in this week's Danganronpa that feel just plain silly, but thankfully these moments don't do too much damage to the overall entertainment value.  If anything, I'd probably argue that this particular episode tried a little too hard to flag its main guilty party before all of the arc's evidence was laid on the table, which strips a little of the desire to figure it all out yourself from the information at hand even if it isn't an invalid way of handling its characters per se.  Overall though, I'm continuing to enjoy the Danganronpa experience warts and all, and there are clearly still more major twists and turns to come yet.

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