Thursday, 8 August 2013

Silver Spoon - Episode 5

It's almost harvesting time and the crops in the field are fully grown - a pleasing sight in its own right, but one accentuated to Hachiken's eyes by the appearance of a mysterious crop circle.

While Hachiken is rather excited to see this strange occurrence with his own eyes, the other farming-minded students are far less thrilled on account of the damage it will have done to the affected crops - still, with news filtering through of an unusual arrival in the fields at 9PM that night within the so-called "Area 51", suddenly everyone's interest is piqued and a plan is hatched to skip out on the dorm curfews to catch a glimpse of said strange arrival.  Heck, even Tamako is willing to risk punishment so she can take a look, so this is clearly a massive deal.

Even in the face of numerous dangers, our group of gallant heroes hatch their plan to escape the dorms, although not before making one or two fundamental mistakes along the way.  Ultimately however, most of the group make it outside, only for other issues to slowly diminish their number, whether it's a strawberry thief or a... well, a trouser-ripping branch.  Who is going to see the incredibly sights of Area 51?  Well, Hachiken is one of them, and to say he's disappointed with the final revelation proffered to him would be an understatement, in spite of the envy of many of his peers.

Admittedly, much of this week's Silver Spoon was telegraphed a mile off - heck, the episode was all but front-loaded with at least something of a hint of what the final reveal-cum-punchline of the episode might be.  However, this wasn't enough to stop the instalment from being a whole lot of fun in a charmingly goofy way - the exuberance of the gang in making good their escape was enjoyable and believable, and made decent use of its characters and the dynamic between them to drive that sense of fun.  This certainly isn't the kind of episode you're going to be talking about for the rest of the year, but as a typical take on equally typical college hijinks it made for a decidedly fun watch.

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