Saturday, 24 August 2013

Genshiken Second Season - Episode 8

As Yajima and Yoshitake wax lyrical over the creative process as it pertains to them, we're still waiting to see if Hato decides to take the plunge and work on a manga with Oguie for the Spring Fair.

For Hato's part, he's still rather unsure as to whether he's even capable of being involved in creating something that isn't Boys Love, and any ponderings are soon short-circuited by a visit to Madarame's apartment to change and the discovery of the eroge that Kousaka was advertising at Comiket.  Has Madarame played his trap-centric game?  More importantly, has he played the route revolving around the character that shares both a name and likeness with his former club-mate?

When Hato gets a chance to sit down and have a chat with Madarame, he manages to get an answer to all these questions and more (the answer being yes, and they get married with Kousaka pregnant.  Eroge can be weird, guys) as they talk about eroge and the like, with Madarame also revealing that he's pondering moving away from the area of the university and finding another job so that he can truly move on with his life, much to Hato's shock.  Still, if nothing else Madarame has also persuaded his junior to carry on drawing no matter what, and in turn Hato decides to go ahead with Oguie's Spring Festival concept.

Once again, we have an episode of Genshiken Second Season that made me laugh out loud time and again with its well-placed referential humour and ability to poke fun at every aspect of otaku-dom without prejudice.  When coupled with a group of characters that I feel fully invested in at this point, this makes for a potent combination that remains perhaps the most outright entertaining series I'm watching this season as it continues to surpass its source material quite handily week after week.  With five episodes (and an OVA) still to come, I'm already pondering a time where I'm going to really miss this show come the autumn.

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