Saturday, 31 August 2013

il sole penetra le illusioni ~ Day Break Illusion - Episode 9

Ginka's fateful encounter with the "pair annihilation" phenomenon (which, as the name suggests, didn't end well for her) reverberates heavily through this week's Day Break Illusion as her team-mates try to come to terms with her lost.

Perhaps surprisingly it's Luna who is the hardest hit by these events, albeit mostly out of fear for her own life - thus, while Akari and Seira remain committed to the cause, Luna requests some time off to return home and get her head in order.  It's a rather tall order too given everything that has transpired, and a look into Luna's past shows that her entire life has been a rather tough one, compounded by the disappearance of her sister, who just so happens to look a little like Akari.

Speaking of our protagonist, she appears out of nowhere to hang out with Luna and take a break together with her until Luna has sorted her head out and is ready to return, allowing the pair to become closer than ever.  But is everything here really as it seems?  No, as it turns out, as Luna's love for Akari is turned back on her and then some as the truth of this particular scenario is revealed via a gruesome climax...

As seems to be the norm for this series, this week's Day Break Illusion seems to be running under the impression that it's pulling the rug out from under its viewers in some clever and shocking ways without realising that the whole thing was patently obvious from the outset - of course that wasn't really Akari visiting Luna, and it was so obvious from the very start of that scenario that there was no real shock when the twist finally came around.  It's yet another example of this show's clumsy writing that continues to thwart its every turn to be anything more than mediocre at best, and at this point it seems fair to say that this series is going to struggle to do anything to capture the audience's imagination for more than five minutes.  A shame, given the possibilities inherent within parts of its premise.

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