Sunday, 25 August 2013

Attack on Titan - Episode 20

Most of the Survey Corps are still in the dark when it comes to Levi and Erwin's current masterplan in the forest, but with the mysterious female Titan now captured even those who aren't clued in on these events are beginning to figure things out for themselves in the midst of the sounds of explosions coming from said forest.

For Erwin and company however, their top priority is figuring out how to remove what they assume to be the "pilot" of this Titan from inside her giant body alive while also ensuring that she has no means of escape, and while the Titan is now safely moored so that it has no possibility of moving removing its occupant is another matter entirely.

Although such a task would normally be simple, it appears that this Titan has more going for it than merely speed and intelligence, as it also has the ability to harden parts of its body in self-defence - with its hands covering the weak spot on its neck while suitably hardened, it's effectively impenetrable.... until the Survey Corps produce explosives to literally blow the occupant out of the Titan.  With a blood-curdling scream emanating from the Titan, it seems as if sheer terror has gripped this assailant... or has it?  This cry brings Titans rushing to the Aberrant from all around, overwhelming the Survey Corps - rather than a Titan rescue mission however, they rush their subject simply to devour it, although the fate of the pilot inside is potentially another matter entirely.

Following the fast-paced tension of recent episodes, I suppose I can forgive the first half of this week's Attack on Titan for finding a pause to catch its breath as its cast fathom out exactly what operation they've been a part of, especially seeing as we soon return to the heart of the action all the way through to yet more twists in the tale which are now becoming a staple of the show's diet.  It's these constantly shifting sands that make Attack on Titan so engaging to watch and a great series to jump on board just for the thrill of the ride - provided your sufficiently invested in its world and premise, then the rewards are great for going with the flow and soaking up everything that it provides.

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