Monday, 5 August 2013

Blood Lad - Episode 5

With Staz imprisoned and his only hope of escape being the defeat of a pair of powerful zombie opponents, and Fuyumi quite literally fading away, it's fair to say that things aren't going too swimmingly for the main cast of Blood Lad.

As we've already learned however, Staz isn't one to give up easily, and every time he gets knocked down he gets straight back up again for another bout.  Eventually news of his incarceration reaches his brother, despite the best attempts of sister Liz to hide it, leading to these siblings being reunited as we learn the full truth about the bullet lodged in our protagonist's body.

Meanwhile, it seems that the only option for Fuyumi's survival is to merge and take over another demon - another vampire to be precise, meaning Staz.  But is this really the only option?  It seems that Fraken isn't being entirely upfront about things due to an agenda of his own, and there is in fact another option to save her - however, what Franken really wants is someone capable of defeating the almighty monster he created and inadvertently let loose.  Funnily enough, Braz is also after the same thing, and naturally he wants Staz to offer a helping hand in return for having his full powers unlocked.  No prizes for guessing where we're headed from here, then.

Even five episodes in, Blood Lad continues to have a major case of attention deficit disorder, jumping onto the next plot point having barely had time to finish up the previous one.  This is the kind of thing you can get away with if you have some panache and intelligence to your story-telling, but Blood Lad boasts neither of these things, and instead resembles little more than an occasionally amusing jumble - a badly animated jumble at that which I'm struggling to say anything particular positive about, as you might have noticed.

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