Saturday, 10 August 2013

Genshiken Second Season - Episode 6

All of the fun of Comiket is now over for the gang, leaving behind only the fallout from the event, and I don't just meet the group's missed opportunities to pick up doujinshi about swimming...

Of course, the real talking point is Hato's little outburst in front of Madarame - an outburst from which Kuchiki still seems to be suffering shock while Hato himself is just straight up embarrassed.  But what can the others do to reassure him?  It's Sue who comes up with a simple enough idea - Hato's vision of Madarame isn't all that different from Ogiue's illustrations of him and Sasahara, so why not show them to Hato to reassure him that he really isn't all that different from his fujoshi club-mates?  This tactic certainly works well enough, but has it only served to open up another can of worms?

As the episode progresses, it seems that Hato isn't alone in another sense of his proclivities, as we're introduced to Yoshitake's big brother... and by that, I mean we're introduced to Yoshitake's little sister, whose figure and interest in basketball means that she's frequently mistaken for a guy.  With a love of shota, Risa is rather interested in Hato and how he looks as a boy, and thanks to her big sister's meddling and perverted nature she ends up getting a rather comprehensive view of Hato's male figure...

Even when it's playing the slapstick card (as it does quite a lot in this episode), Genshiken Second Season is continuing to be a whole lot of fun - despite adding more newcomers to its cast, everyone within that cast seems to slot together wonderfully with various fun and smooth-flowing dynamics on show to ease each episode along with no shortage of energy and a fair few belly laughs.  It isn't very often I find myself consistently praising an anime adaptation for outdoing its manga source material, but Genshiken Second Season seems like a perfect example of a series that flat-out works better in this medium.

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