Sunday, 11 August 2013

Attack on Titan - Episode 18

Although Armin and company have survived their skirmish with the particular fearsome Aberrant Titan, they're still left with some problems to deal with as a result - namely, Armin's head injury and the fact that the trio are now one horse short.

As their discussion of these issues and how to remedy them comes to a head with the prospect of one of them being left behind help arrives, bringing with it that recovered missing horse.  Thus, the group are on the move once again, although they become increasingly baffled as it's clear that the mission is still continuing despite the Aberrant encounters and the loss of much of the Survey Corps' reconnaissance capabilities.

Eventually, the entire group comes to a dense forest that was once a tourist attraction before the emergence of the Titans, leading to the centrepiece of the formation to cut straight through the forest while the group's flanks instead skirt it.  As many of those groups are ultimately requisitioned to stand guard at the forest entrance and keep any Titans out, discord begins to stir as questions are asked about exactly what Erwin is planning with these moves.  As the fast-moving Aberrant arrives and begins to close on Levi, Eren and company, it begins to seem like nobody in a position of responsibility has any plan at all...

Right the way through to its cruel cliffhanger, this week's Attack on Titan has again proven to be both fascinating and accomplished - the strong feeling that everything about the show's world has been thought out in-depth continues to impress, and the carefully unfolding events of the current story arc just about to balance bursts of action with ramping up the tension in the wake of no clear suggestion as to where things are headed.  The fact that the wait until next week's episode will be a frustrating one says it all really.

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