Tuesday, 20 August 2013

il sole penetra le illusioni ~ Day Break Illusion - Episode 7

Something is amiss in Moscow, with news breaking that a Tarot user at that particular branch has been obliterated by Daemonia - something is clearly amiss, and it's becoming increasingly certain to those in positions of power within the organisation that recent events haven't just been occurring randomly.

All of this is of no concern to our quartet of magical girls however - Seira and Akari have finally resolved their differences and are getting on like a house on fire now and what's more the opportunity arises for the group to have a day off, allowing them to take a little holiday together.  Cue lots of wandering around sightseeing, eating and so on, although the new-found bond of friendship between Akari and Seira seems to be bothering Luna somewhat, which I believe is what they call foreshadowing...

During their wandering around town, and as the girls complete ignore all kinds of signs of potential turmoil just around the corner, Akari spots a familiar face - one of her fortune-telling Aunties from the start of the series.  It turns out that this entire group of fortune-tellers has moved out here after their previous home burned down, and they seem to be doing a roaring trade.  Offering to read the fortunes of the four girls provides some disturbing results that hint at a dark future (who would have thought?), but that doesn't dissuade them from providing some entertainment in the form of a test of courage.  Oh, and cake.

For an episode where nothing particularly massive happens, it's a little surprising that this felt like possibly the most proficient episode of Day Break Illusion yet.  Sure, its foreshadowing of future events was all as heavy-handed as ever, but at least the interactions of the main cast seem to have settled down to the point where it all feels a little more natural, and the lack of any overt Daemonia issues to deal with let the rest of the instalment breathe a little.  I wouldn't go so far as to call it good, but an improvement is still an improvement and maybe this can provide a launch pad to some more compelling story-telling in the show's second half.

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