Thursday, 15 August 2013

Servant x Service - Episode 7

Considering the lack of attention from her boyfriend, it's little wonder that Chihaya is bored... so what better way to alleviate that boredom than by playing with Toko for a while?

Having proved that Toko is as clueless about games and cosplay as she is her brother, the relationship between Chihaya and Taishi comes under scrutiny in the office thanks to the section chief worrying that the two of them aren't getting along.  Thus, he hatches a plot to bring them closer together, which almost causes a major incident when Lucy catches them in a rather compromising position.  As even Toko's friends start to fathom the nature of Chihaya's relationship with her brother, said relationship continues to bump along in a decidedly unsatisfactory manner.

Speaking of relationships, Miyoshi finally comes face to face with Tanaka's much vaunted grandson, who is indeed as responsible and sensible as she suggested... at least, he is until he catches sight of Hasebe, which engages an entirely different side of him.  It seems that this pairing have a rather strange and long-standing rivalry going on (even if Chihaya puts their reactions down to something else entirely...) - not that any of this helps Miyoshi and her attempts to delicately avoid Tanaka's match-making.

Even as its situations and inter-character relationships become more ludicrous by the week, so Servant x Service's sense of fun manages to shine through to a sufficient extent to extract a few decent laughs and giggles along the way - heck, it even finds time to poke a little fun at Free during its "quiz".  For a show filled with rather a lot of nonsense (even more so than Working), it sure does know how to make its nonsense fun now that it's gotten over the early hurdles of setting up its characters and their interactions.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is probably the last you'll hear from me until Monday, as I'm off to Ayacon 2013.  See you on the other side!

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