Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Yakushiji Ryoko No Kaiki Jikenbo - Episode 2

I know that I shouldn't really expect a high level of exact science and believable storylines from a series featuring the phrase "Supernatural Case File", but somehow even with that in mind the sheer insanity of the main plotline revealed in the conclusion to this particular two part 'case' made me giggle.

Last time around, after seeing a man mummify and explode before our very eyes, we found that this whole unfortunate incident was due to some kind of imported chemical for food, creating an effect that makes high cholesterol look like a decidedly more tempting option.

Anyway, it all seemed to be making some kind of sense, before episode two decided to take that premise and turn it into what can only be described as batshit crazy. Apparently these mummifications were all part of an experiment on humans using this chemical, which also just happens to make reptiles become absolutely huge, and this ability can in turn make humans immortal. I guess this is why they don't let kids play with chemistry sets any more - Before you know it, families everywhere would be having hundred foot snakes showing up in their living room in the name of immortality.

On top of all that, Ryoko's professor friend who apparently she has known for ages has suddenly decided to double-cross her, because he's always wanted to become immortal. Unfortunately for him he gets stuck on a bridge designed to lower down so that he can be eaten by said giant snake (Why would you even design a walkway to do that?!). The re-appearance of this Professor after he'd seemingly been caught in a fire earlier in the episode brought forth yet another classic exclamation from Jun'ichiro, who upon seeing him alive and well shouts "You're alive?". No, he's dead, this whole talking and moving about thing is just an act...

Okay, so this is a series about investigating supernatural cases, but somehow the "mad science" quota still managed to exceed what I'd anticipate from this kind of series - It almost felt like a handful of different script ideas has been flung together into a blender, with the result being a mash-up of several "insane scientist wants to achieve x" stories into one nonsensical entity. Beyond that, the main characters are okay without really grabbing my attention (and please don't tell me Ryoko is somehow immortal as she's hinting at, I've had enough of invincible protagnists in anime for one year), the visuals and soundtrack are half-decent to at least give the show some gloss, and... well, that's it really. There are probably worse ways to spend twenty-five minutes, but this particular episode did start to bring to mind terrible B-movies on account of its overly ridiculous plot.

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