Saturday, 16 August 2008

Special A - Episode 17

What is it with this series and marriage interviews?! This latest instalment of Special A sees Akira called up by to a marriage interview by her parents, making this the 534th episode to feature such a plot-line. Not bad going for a series with just seventeen episodes so far.

Okay, so I'm exaggerating, but it does increasingly seem like the major emotional crux of basically every episode of this series is a marriage interview, which is starting to become a little repetitive and tiresome in many ways. As we mentioned, this particular interview is aimed squarely at Akira, who turns out to be less shall we say 'girl-centric' than we first thought, with her true feelings caught somewhere between her childhood friend Yahiro and, far more importantly, Tadashi.

So, we have another episode of characters being blind to another's feelings - While Hikari has no idea of Kei's love towards her, so Tadashi doesn't even begin to realise Akira's connection to him. All of this molds into a culture festival episode that at least avoids hitting many of the cliches of covering that kind of event, while also providing at least one classic line - "What's your type of girl?" "I like all mammals". Well, it made me laugh anyway.

The whole 'posh people having fun' angle admittedly still rankles with me a bit, and there's some real hypocracy on show with some of the major characters and their actions if you think about it, but this was another passable episode all in all I suppose, even if I wish the focus had been kept on Kei and Hikari rather than spread out to myriad other characters, as their situation seems far more interesting than a lot of the other stuff going on from a romantic perspective. Still, every time I watch an episode I find myself wanting to see how things develop next, which I suppose is the whole point of the series, so it obviously isn't doing a completely disastrous job of conveying its story and major plot points.