Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Hidamari Sketch x365 - Episode 7

In its typical time-jumping style, episode seven of Hidamari Sketch sees this series flip back to what could almost be considered the beginning, with an episode covering Yunocchi and Miyako's school opening ceremony. While flitting back and forth along a time line is still a little confusing from where I'm sitting, I'm willing to let it slide for this series, especially considering the fact that its subject matter isn't all that reliant on chronological order.

That aside, there's only one thing you really need to know about this episode, and that is that Miyako is absolutely hilarious from beginning to end. I lost count of the number of times her outbursts and actions had me laughing out loud, from getting dressed in the morning to the speediest way to walk while carrying shopping bags. It's sheer genius, and really Miya could have been given this episode all to herself and it wouldn't have been any the worse for it. Of course, there were some moments of usual form from all of the other main characters, but they all paled into comparison and were little more than straght men... err, women even, for Miyako's twisted genius.

Sorry, am I starting to sound like a Miyako fanboy here? I'll stop now, but in all honesty this was a top-notch episode that was deliciously funny, and most of that hilarity was down to one person alone. It's the kind of episode that just leaves you desperately yearning for more of the same.


Anonymous said...

"Sorry, am I starting to sound like a Miyako fanboy here?"

There's no problem with that at all. :P

Anonymous said...

Thanks for share!