Sunday, 24 August 2008

Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2 - Episode 20

Even after coming towards fifty episodes of Code Geass, for some reason I still never fail to be surprised by the big twists and turns employed by the show's script writers - Indeed, every time I think I've got to grips with it, something even bigger comes along to make my reverie short-lived.

So it goes that episode twenty of Code Geass R2 throws us a massive "No way, really?" moment, which comes courtesy of Anya. Her link to both Geass and Lelouch have been hinted at and gradually played up as the series has progressed, but did anyone really see the revelation which came from her meeting with C.C. coming? If nothing else, it's going to be fascinating to see that one explained in full.

Aside from that, this episode in general sees another shift in focus, away from Tokyo and the battle for control of Japan, and back towards the Emporer and exactly what he has planned. Whatever it is, it appears to involve ancient ruins and (of course) Geass, although Lelouch's attempt to put Charles 'in check' at the climax of this episode is an intriguing one, and certainly seems likely to do more than Suzaku's rather ham-fisted attempt at assassinating the Emporer, once again letting his stubborn sense of duty get in the way of making any kind of logical decision.

All in all, this episode seemed a bit all over the place, but then again that's only fitting following the deposition of Zero last time around, so I can't really criticise. If anything, my main disappointment stems from the return to focusing on the Emporer and Geass, where freeing Japan and the like always seemed like the more interesting side of the plot to me and looks effectively as though it's been abandoned for the remainder of the series now. Still, the new mysteries and conflicts that have sprung up here have piqued my interest well enough, and I'm sure we're looking at a fascinating few episodes to close out this series.

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