Monday, 11 August 2008

World Destruction - Episode 5

After a promising first episode, World Destruction has rapidly become the kind of series that makes me want to band together with a bunch of oddballs intent on destroying the world just so that I don't have to watch it any more. Certainly, episode five didn't do anything to change that feeling.

At the start of the episode, our intrepid trio are camping out near a Colosseum where humans are captured and forced to fight beastmen for the amusement of the local populace... and if you can't figure out the plot for the rest of this episode from that snippet of information alone, then you've most likely never watched any animated series before in your life, and have accidentally happened across this 'Blog while looking for the best tent to buy for your forthcoming tour of Outer Mongolia.

Yes, predictably enough Morte and "that guy" (whose name I can't even be bothered to remember any more as he serves no useful purpose to the series... unless being annoying counts) get captured and sent out to fight for the baying public. Equally predictably, they win because Morte is, for all her feminine charms, rather good at kicking ass. Meanwhile, Toppi meets an old friend, who predictably (I've actually copied the word predictably to my clipboard for this entry, as I figured I'd be using it a lot) turns out to have "turned evil" and ends up turning in his former pal. Blah blah, they beat everyone in sight, Toppi teaches his former friend Yappi an important lesson, they escape, series continues, I rock back and forth in a corner comforting myself with the knowledge that there is 'only' eight more episodes of this God-awful series to go.

From watching the past few episodes of World Destruction, I can only assume that there's some kind of hefty reward on offer for creating the year's most predictably predictable anime series of the year. This episode oozed so much cliche throughout its duration, I feel like I need to take a shower and change my clothes before hosing down the rest of the house. Sure, you've been commissioned to make a show to sell a video game, so you've probably already sold your souls to Satan (or should that be Sega?), but come on guys, at least try to pretend you're putting some effort into it...


Anonymous said...

Omg! The start of this review really made me laugh! I've been comming here and off reading reviews, but the banding together to destroy the world so you don't have to watch it any more, really makes it clear that I should waste me time on it.

Anonymous said...

Damn typo's... *"shouldn't" waste my time.