Friday, 29 August 2008

Special A - Episode 20

What do we want? More Kei and Hikari! When do we want it? Well, I guess the next episode will have to do. Yes, that's right, yet again my hopes for this series getting back to the bread and butter of the show have been dashed, as once again we're sidetracked by one of Special A's other on-going relationship traumas.

This time we go back to the relationship of Jun and Sakura - If you thought that was all but resolved a few episodes ago, you were wrong. Unfortunately, that means we face what might as well have been a repeat of that episode, albeit in a different location and with a slightly different direction, which thus gives us lots of Sakura chasing after Jun, a fair amount of 'Inner Jun' flirting with all and sundry (and kissing Kei, which I'm still trying to bleach from my mind), and... well, not much else really. Most of the humour somewhat missed the mark, we've heard all of Jun's angst about getting involved with girls before, and all in all this made for a pretty missable episode.

Still, at least this particular relationship issue seems to be solved now (although I thought that last time we were fed this story), and we were left with a cliffhanger of sorts to take us into the next instalment, so it wasn't all bad. But have I mentioned yet how I want this series to get back to featuring more of Hikari and Kei? No, I thought not...

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