Sunday, 17 August 2008

Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2 - Episode 19

After that barn-storming last episode of Code Geass R2, it was probably impossible to top it this time around. Indeed, the fallout from the use of FREIJA last episode was always going to make for a much darker instalment this week, and so it proved here.

In short, Lelouch loses everything - Following Nunnally's death last episode, Schneizel pays the Order of the Black Knights a personal visit to tell them the truth about Zero... Who he is, and the power he holds over them, a truth which is then confirmed by Ougi as the final nail in the coffin that turns Lelouch's entire organisation against him. What we don't see however is whether Ougi gets his request in return for handing over Lelouch - Is it something Schneizel would even have sufficient power to agree to?

Of course, Code Geass prides itself on turning everything on its head, and so we see two occasions where Lelouch seemingly betrays someone to their face but still somehow fails to lose their love and respect in the process. The latter of those two is Kallen, who he shuns simply to save her life, a point she realises just a little too late. However, the big news is regarding Rolo, who continues with his love for Lelouch despite our protagonist admitting that he hates him and has been trying to kill him for the last two episodes, to the point of saving Lelouch from his seemingly inextricable situation at the cost of his own life.

So, we end this pretty solid episode with everything well and truly shaken up. Lelouch vows to fight on, but how? Has Suzaku gone mental? What's next for Kallen? And C.C.? What is Charles planning? Does anyone have Pizza Hut on speed dial? There's enough questions to fry your brain, and we're running out of episodes to answer this. It does, however, look increasingly likely that we may be left with some kind of diabolically predictable "plan to destroy the world" to close the series, which to be honest seems a little disappointing in comparison to a lot of the (relatively) more grounded scenarios that have gone before.

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