Sunday, 3 August 2008

Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2 - Episode 17

Last episode, I was more than a little pleased to see Code Geass R2 move away from the slightly supernatural Geass research storyline and the like, and get back to some good old politics and tactical cunning from Lelouch.

For quite a lot of this episode however, it appears that the whole venture as Zero is on the brink of collapse, between Lelouch going to meet Suzaku alone and literally ending up with his face in the dirt, Diethard taking things into his own hands regarding Ougi and Villetta (although we still don't know exactly how that little cliffhanger wound up), and other members of the Order of the Black Knights talking in a distinctly rebellious tone.

Of course, this is Code Geass so it's never over until the fat pizza-eating girl sings, and thus before we know it Lelouch has turned things around from being captured in a sting operation with unknown consequences on Suzaku's future decisions, to capturing yet another high-profile Britannian with his Geass while also managing to disable the whole of Tokyo to set up what looks set to be another battle royale next episode. Can the Order of the Black Knights get it right second time around?

All in all, this episode seemed to have something for everyone - If you love the show's mecha angle, you had a fair bit to enjoy here, if you enjoy hating Suzaku, there he was acting all self-righteous and arrogant as always, and of course no good episode would be complete without Lelouch's tactics working perfectly, in such a way that even this 'Blogger couldn't help but let out a slightly maniacal laugh. If I ever worried that this series had lost its way somewhat (and I have to confess that I did wonder for an episode or two), my faith has now been restored by the last couple of instalments, which have proved to be fantastic beyond compare. With normal service resumed, I'm counting the minutes to the next episode once again.

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