Thursday, 21 August 2008

Chocolate Underground - Episode 5

It's been an age since we last covered an episode of Chocolate Underground, and while I'd love to say that its presence has been sorely missed... It hasn't.

Having said that, I have to give this particular five-minute episode kudos for at least being the best of the bunch so far, even if by 'best' I mean "something actually happened". After finding the secret underground chocolate producers last episode, this time around the whole thing gets rumbled due to a small amount of chocolate leaking into the river - I don't know about 'small amount', from what I could see it looked like a close cousin of Willy Wonka's chocolate river.

Anyway, I digress; after being found out by the Chocolate Police, Smudger and 'that other kid' make their escape via a railroad, and find themselves with a massive amount of the ingredients needed to make chocolate at the end of it all - No oven though, which made the whole thing a little less exciting for me.

The short running time for each episode in this series still isn't working for it, as once again it means that there's basically no time for anything to happen in each instalment, rendering it largely pointless. With such an important message to give out at its core, it's almost criminal to see it being reduced to these short segments that have no real flow or emotion to them, leaving me to wonder if the Half-Baked Anime Police will come crashing through the script writer's door any time soon.

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