Monday, 25 August 2008

Special A - Episode 19

Last episode, I all but pleased for a return to focusing on Kei and Hikari, and did I get it this time around? No. Argh!

With Akira and Tadashi now together, for some reason Megumi decided that it would be a good idea to start dating Yahiro to ensure that he didn't interfere with this relationship. Now, it seems pretty obvious from the very start that this isn't a good idea, but unfortunately Megumi doesn't seem to see this, and thus we have to put up with a lot of Yahiro (he of the Naoki Irie school of dating) being irritating, although I suppose as a small token of gratitude for living with it we get to hear Megumi's voice properly. Err, hurrah?

Thankfully, the episode was saved for me by Hikari, who comes down and stays at home with a fever, making the rest of the Special A gang pay her a visit to see how she's doing. Witness feverish Hikari, which has to be the most adorable thing I've seen all series, wrapped in a blanket and crawling around like a... well, adorable slug. Or something. Anyway, in her feverish state she spends her entire time chasing round after Kei in a loved-up (read delirious) stupour, which is really what makes the whole thing so cute and also pretty hilarious - Oh, if only the entire episode had been dedicated to that part of the storyline.

So, despite all that we're no closer to see Kei and Hikari get any closer... Can you tell that it's starting to frustrate me yet? It doesn't look as though episode twenty will bring us any closer in that direction either. For now then, episode nineteen was very much a 'game of two halves' - Annoying Yahiro and non-descript Megumi on one, and funny and adorable Hikari on the other.

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