Monday, 25 August 2008

Special A - Episode 18

I've fallen quite a way behind with watching this series, which is rather unfair in a way as it's actually quite a sweet and watchable little series at its best. Episode eighteen of the show probably counts along those lines, if nothing else because it resolves at least one of the relationships amongst the show's main characters.

I have to confess that I've never really warmed to Akira in this series, particularly as it's gone on and it seems like a never-ending torrent of deep-seated issues surrounding her have come pouring out. Even for most of this episode she really isn't the kind of character you can empathise or feel sorry for, and indeed her entire personality seems to be at odds with Tadashi, who she has more than a bot of a soft spot for. I know, opposites attract and all that.

Anyway, it probably isn't much a spoiler to say that all of the misunderstandings and issues between Akira and Tadashi are finally resolved this time around, in a conclusion that gets a very slightly teary "Ahhhhhhhhh" from me - Put bluntly, it was really rather cute, and made up for the fact that the episode all felt rather uneventful aside from those closing minutes.

So, job done, and that's one couple down - Now please, please can we get back to Kei and Hikari?

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