Thursday, 14 August 2008

World Destruction - Episode 6

After the last episode of World Destruction left me quite fancying trying my hand and doing just that myself to be rid of this series, episode six has at least softened my thoughts along those lines, to the point where I'm now only considering destroying the odd continent or two.

While this latest instalment is hardly the stuff of legends, it was at least a great deal less predictable than a lot of what has come before, to the extent where it actually felt like it had a script written for it rather than just pinching ideas from old episodes of He-Man or something. This particular episode introduces us to Summerland, where it's very hot - Okay, okay, so the location is hardly the subject of some deep, blue sky thinking. Anyway, our trio find the heat too much, but are guided to a charity hospital where beastmen (including one of the Moomins, unless I'm very much mistaken) and humans live together in peace and harmony. Or do they? Morte has her suspicions, as women who want to destroy entire planets are want to do, while the World Salvation Committee are never far behind... Or particularly useful at doing their job, I can't help but think.

The more I think about it, the more I realise that not a lot happened in this episode really, but at least it didn't happen in a less predictable and occasionally more entertaining way. We learned a little more about Morte's past (although it's seemed pretty obvious for some time anyway), and Kyrie actually did something useful for once, a moment which so surprised me that it actually led to me remembering his name. Oh, and Toppi said 'bear' a lot, which isn't at all annoying. Ahem.

So, the World Destruction Commitee's journey continues, where they will no doubt meet more dull characters to interact with, although from the preview for episode seven it appears that this will be the instalment where all Morte's clothes fall off. Now there's an idea they definitely didn't get from He-Man.

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