Saturday, 30 August 2008

Chocolate Underground - Episode 7

Chocolate Underground hits its seventh episode, but also seems to be filling with the kind of plot holes that that are akin to a sieve - A bit of a disappointment, after the sixth instalment of the series actually gave us a rare few minutes where it hit the spot.

Once again, this episode crams way, way too much into five minutes, pushing the story on at such a pace that it's rather like eating a bar of chocolate too quick - You don't get to appreciate the taste, and end up with indigestion.

The plot is pretty simply in this outing, and involves Louise, Huntly and Smudger visiting an old book store to find out how to make chocolate from the ingredients they discovered last episode, only to find that the owner of the store was involved with the underground chocolate shenanigans we saw previously. In the end, the basement of the store is set up as some kind of underground chocolate bar, which raises a whole bunch of questions as to why this isn't detected by the authorities when their far-better defended operation in the mine was. I suppose it makes sense if you take the show's dessicant excuse into account, but somehow it all feels a little daft overall.

Overall though, the real cause of suffering for this episode is the lack of time to progress the story properly, which leaves this episode jumping through time at a rate of knots. In short, it makes the entire endeavour feel rushed... and that's most probably because it is.

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