Saturday, 30 August 2008

Telepathy Shoujo Ran - Episode 9

After labelling the last episode of Telepathy Shoujo Ran 'mediocre', I find myself a little unsure as to how to label this instalment, apart from possibly 'more medicore'.

In all honesty, this was the dullest episode of this particular series so far, giving us a date between Ran and Rui that Midori inevitably intrudes upon (albeit without the aid of teleportation this time) that ends up with the trio carrying around a stone statue containing some trapped lovesick spirit, who wants to get back to his girlfriend who is a chopped-down blossom tree in a library car park. I'm sure it isn't too much of a spoiler to say that this all ends happily, and Ran and Rui are rewarded with... err... some blossom. Wow, that's great, thanks trapped spirit!

Between the cheesy old love story (which to be fair is kind of a classic Japanese story in itself) and the equally unsurprising arrival of Midori to ruin Ran's plans, there's really nothing here to make this episode stand out from any other episode of this series, or even make it particularly watchable in its own right - The whole jamboree was just entirely too predictable to have much to offer most viewers. At this point, I'm wondering how they can make twenty-six episodes out of this series, as it really needs an injection of energy to prevent it from being filled up with meaningless, run-of-the mill episodes, with this particular offering a perfect example of what can happen between lazy script-writing and the lack of anything better to add to a series. Oh well, I still like the opening theme, so I guess at least those two minutes of my evening weren't wasted.

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