Friday, 8 August 2008

Itazura na Kiss - Episode 17

Episode seventeen of Itazura na Kiss introduces us to the real beginning of Kotoko's nurse training, and thus also introduces us to a handful of new characters... and whaddya know, they almost all turn out to be nasty, self-centred pieces of work. Is there some kind of unwritten law about this series stating that every character who isn't Kotoko has to be as instantly unlikeable as possible?

The trio of women who 'befriend' Kotoko all (surprise, surprise) soon reveal themselves to have designs on Naoki (although why anyone would want anything to do with him is beyond me), and none of them seem to particular care about the fact that he's married - Indeed, when they find out that Kotoko is his wife, which takes up a painful half of the episode itself, they celebrate as it makes it easier for him to be 'snatched away'. Since when has wanting to steal your so-called friend's husband been good form?

So, the episode goes on, with Kotoko predictably klutzy and clueless and Naoki aloof and arrogant with the slightest, tiniest of soft centres that's hardly even worthy of mention. What else is there to say about this series that hasn't been said already? It's the kind of thing that makes me despair in humanity, with so much selfishness, insolence and arrogance on show - Thank God it isn't real (although ironically one of the contestants on this year's Big Brother here in the UK is reminding me of Naoki more and more, which certainly isn't a compliment), or I think I'd be doing time in prison for GBH to at least one character in this series by now.

Yet again, this seems to be an example of romantic comedy done wrong - Can you even call it that when there's no actual romance involved? I might let that slide if it managed to be funny, but even the humour is pretty weak and barely perceptible most of the time, when it isn't being so predictable that it hurts. It seems that the longer I watch this series, the more it irritates me - Never mind nurse training, I think someone needs to check my blood pressure after each episode of Itazura na Kiss for my own safety.


ezra said...

Well I think I'm generally more optimistic about their relationship than you, but I do agree, I'm seriously glad they aren't real people. >_<

Catherine said...

I am seriously been put off this show. I'm only on episode 8 but from all I hear I might just drop it now to save going through it all later!

Ahh..but also: is Big Brother STILL going? There always seems to be a season of Big Brother on! :P

Hanners said...

Oh yes, series nine of Big Brother still has about a month to go I think!