Sunday, 31 August 2008

World Destruction - Episode 8

World Destruction is one of those series that has used more tired old concepts than Morte's skirt has bad stitches, and episode eight proves to be another one of those "every series of this ilk does this kind of thing" moments.

To be quite fair, this isn't such a bad episode, as the World Destruction Committee hitch a lift to Autumnland (whoever named all the lands in this anime and video game should be shot), get apprehended on account of their 'chauffeur' carrying illegal arms which happens to contain a time-bomb, and get trapped in a sandmarine (think submarine, but it travels through a sea of sand) along with the World Salvation Committee who were on hand to try and apprehend them.

Of course, being trapped at the bottom of the sea means that the two opposing sides end up with a truce, working together to save themselves from death, and blah blah blah. This whole 'temporary truce' concept is the one we've seen countless times before in numerous shows, and for some reason on this occasion it continues even after they've been saved, which is really pretty stupid if you think about it.

Anyway, despite my moaning this wasn't a terrible episode by any means, and it did turn out to be quite entertaining in its own way when coupled with my now well and truly lowered expectations for the series. It's still hard to get excited by the cookie cutter plots and the not particularly interesting characters, but at least the actual character designs are nice and things kept moving here to stop me losing interest. So, I guess that's something of a thumbs up for mediocrity, on this occasion at least.

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