Thursday, 25 September 2008

Yakushiji Ryoko No Kaiki Jikenbo - Episode 11

Ryoko's Supernatural Case File continues along its recent path concerning Monami in episode eleven, which can only really be good news as it's been by far the strongest storyline of this series so far by some distance, even if it did go off the boil rather last time around.

Episode eleven at least manages to pull us back on track straight away, as Monami escapes and makes her way to Izumida's place, albeit a fair bit older than when we last saw her. In the meantime, we start to get a feel for the issues between JACES and the NPP, and Ryoko and Ruriko in the process, a bitter rivaly that goes back a couple of generations, although in that time only some of the personnel have changed...

So, from here we have some insider spying, cloning, zombification, and a rather cute Minamo who is infatuated with Izumida and will do anything to be with him - A heady cocktail that looks set to be a recipe for disaster as Ryoko continues to investigate the situation.

As I just mentioned, episode ten mis-stepped somewhat after a couple of good instalments, but thankfully episode eleven really has brought things back together rather more tightly for this arc which I assume is going to continue through to the end of the series. It isn't the most enthralling series of this ilk you'll ever see, but with this particular story arc it does at least offer some intriguing and reasonably entertaining fare, which is starting to make up for those weak episodes earlier on in the series to pull together a half-decent show by its close.

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