Friday, 5 September 2008

Telepathy Shoujo Ran - Episode 10

Let's just get this straight right from the very start to save both of us some time and effort - Nothing happens in this episode of Telepathy Shoujo Ran. Nothing. Zilch. Nada. Nowt. Indeed, I can't even call it filler as such, unless it's some kind of zero calorie, fat free filler with no additives, colouring or preservatives.

If you really want a synopsis, then here it is. There's going to be a firework display - Hurrah! But Midori isn't answering her phone because she's out, so Ran can't invite her. Oh no! But they eventually meet up anyway. Yay! This episode was pointless. Yawn.

To be quite honest, beyond being as dull as dishwater this episode was really very frustrating, for one simple reason (and you'll have to excuse my language here): You're both fucking telepathic, why on God's green Earth are you trying to call Midori on the telephone?!?! Just tell her to come via telepathy, and this entire abortion of an episode could have been avoided! This series is about a telepathic girl, so for the love of God and all that is Holy use it!!! Ahem.

Okay, so the end of the episode made a joke out of Ran forgetting to use her telepathic powers, which might have made the whole situation forgivable if it hadn't been responsible for this pathetic excuse for an episode. I can usually find something positive to say about any given episode of anime, but not on this occasion, as this instalment had absolutely no redeeming features - We learned nothing new about any of the characters, there was no plot progress, all that we got for our troubles was some saccharine dialogue and half-baked attempts at humour. To put it bluntly, this was a waste of thirty minutes of my life.

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