Monday, 22 September 2008

Special A - Episode 24 (Completed)

It may not always have held much of a place in my heart, but as Special A has gone on so it has wormed its way into my affections, managing to be fun and yet still rather cute and lovable when it wants to be. However, episode twenty-three left us with Kei flying off to London on a jet, leaving Hikari crying out for him in tears from the tarmac, so surely there's no chance of a happy ending?

Don't be daft, this is Special A, and so of course we're treated to a rather ridiculous yet rousing finale involving the rest of the class hitching a helicopter ride to London, with some of the other major characters also in tow to complete the scenario. Thus, we're reminded of the close bonds between all of the major characters, the relationships that have blossomed during the series, and of course Hikari and Kei finally get together. Well, sort of, if living as constant rivals constitutes 'getting together'. They did kiss though, so we got our big "Awwwww" moment to complete the series if nothing else.

If I'm honest, this ending was actually rather predictable, and didn't go all in out in giving us 'closure' to the Hikari and Kei situation, although on the plus side I did get a kick out of seeing London anime-style (which I was really impressed by visually), and not a stupid attempt at a British accent in sight! Overall then, a passable way to close the series that was fun without being funny and sweet without actually making me blub like a girl - A thought that pretty much sums up Special A as a whole really. While it has won me over during its twenty-four episodes, mainly on account of Hikari's personality if I'm quite honest, I can't pretend that it was anything much other than a pretty average series in the grand scheme of things. Good to watch while it lasted, and a decent way to pass the time, but not the kind of thing you'll be digging out to watch again and again.

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