Monday, 8 September 2008

Special A - Episode 22

After all that waiting for the Kei/Hikari relationship to come to the fore in this series, we're now being spoilt with nothing but Kei and Hikari for both the last episode and this one.

After Kei suggested that maybe, just maybe, Hikari was in love with him poor old Hikari is at her wits end, unable to put two and two together to figure out her true feelings, or indeed even say Kei's first name properly. Normally this kind of block-headedness can be rather annoying in anime, but in fairness to Special A it somehow ends up being rather cute when attached to the shoulders of the otherwise intelligent Hikari.

Anyway, to try and push things along Kei takes Hikari on a date, but of course we haven't reached the final episode just yet so after being tantalised with a smooth and romantic ending it all goes rather pear-shaped, although not before Hikari has still made her actual feelings clear to the both of them. Hurrah, and about time too! While all of this is going on, the attempt by his grandfather to send Kei to school in London isn't over yet, and it seems that this will come to a head in episode twenty-three...

I mentioned last episode how I've warmed to this series, particular throughout its second half, and there isn't really a lot I can add to those thoughts after watching this instalment. It may be a little long-winded in getting to the crux of its romantic narratives at times, and conversely become overly sickly sweet at others, but I am becoming quite attached to both the series and its main characters as we reach its climax.

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