Friday, 26 September 2008

Chocolate Underground - Episode 10

Chocolate Underground continues, and for a while there I was thinking that this episode was going to consist almost entirely of long, vacant staring at a bread roll.

Thankfully, it did deviate from that in the end, seeding the beginnings of a revolution against the Good For You party from numerous angles, in that good old heart-warming way series like this love where the children are the ones to see and speak about when the adults turn and look away. We also find out just why Frankie tipped off the Chocolate Police about Smudger and Huntly's antics, which was perhaps inevitably to do with his brother who is currently under arrest for going against the government.

Actually, I thought those protest scenes actually spoilt one of the more pertinent points that I felt the series carried up until now, that it was apathy towards the government and its intervention in people's private lives that caused all of this mess in the first place - Beating down demonstrations actually twists that story somewhat, and I would argue to the detriment of the point being made.

Anyway, after those thirty seconds of sheer bread roll misery this wasn't too bad an episode, although yet again I have to bemoan how the material being covered here was worthy of far more than the few brief minutes it ends up being squeezed into, which continues to do the underlying story of Chocolate Underground an immense disservice.

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