Friday, 5 September 2008

World Destruction - Episode 9

As our intrepid trio that make up the World Destruction Committee reach Autumnland (can was stop with the lands named after seasons now please?), we move away from the gang being chased down by the World Salvation Committee or generally getting involved with the wrong sort for once, with the series instead taking a more emotional turn in this ninth instalment.

As always, Morte is less than thrilled to be in a location where beastmen and humans are living in harmony, but this is somewhat offset when she meets someone who looks uncannily like her brother at first glance... Except he is himself a beastman. From here, the story tries to focus on Morte's inner turmoil (helped along by Krie to some extend), but that angst all seems a little wishy-washy to be honest. We already know and understand the pain Morte feels from losing her brother, but all this staring into the middle distance and wanting to be alone never really told us anything new about any aspect of her current psychological make-up.

Perhaps the lesson was supposed to be to teach her that beastmen and humans can live together, but to be honest the crew have visited so many places where this is the case during the series that it's hard to comprehend that it's still a shock to anyone by now. Indeed, you have to wonder why there's a war between the two factions at all given how many locations are letting the two happily co-exist - The again, war never has made much sense to the average person in many cases.

It probably sounds like I'm taking this series too seriously from this entry, but this was quite clearly supposed to be a largely sombre episode, which makes it all the frustrating that I either didn't 'get' what it was trying to tell me, or it wasn't particularly trying to expound upon anything and was thus little more than filler with a little emotional progress and additional knowledge about the Destruct Code thrown in to stop the episode from being a complete waste of time.

While I suppose this episode was something of a nice break from the pace of earlier instalments, it still didn't really catch my interest in any particular fashion, thus continuing this series almost impressive run of mediocrity.

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