Saturday, 13 September 2008

Nabari no Ou - Episode 20

As we reach episode twenty of Nabari no Ou, so the series continues on at its own languid pace; it certainly seems determined not to rush things, dishing out new snippets of information as though they are rare treats to be savoured at all costs.

Luckily enough of these treats are handed out this time around to make the episode worthwhile, as we start to piece together some of the facts that Thobari has been hiding from all and sundry, while Yoite and Miharu's visit to Oda (she of the mind-reading abilities from earlier in the series) yields more information about the Shinrabanshou and just why Miharu hasn't been able to put it to use of his own volition just yet. To top it all off, Kairoushuu's special intelligence unit get in on the act, proving themselves to be as evil as they initially looked.

Maybe it's just that this series has dragged on too long now, but even when we do find out new things that are relevant to the story I can't find the energy within myself to get excited about them, probably because I know it'll all just be followed up by another episode of Miharu/Yoite/Thobari angst (delete as applicable) where nothing much else happens. I can't be too harsh on this episode for getting things moving towards the climax of the series, and it's all been done in a relatively clean and sensible way, but I guess right now I just need something a little more shocking or out of leftfield to grab me by the shoulders and shake me until my innards start to soften a little more towards the show.

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