Friday, 19 September 2008

World Destruction - Episode 11

Episode eleven of World Destruction featured a brief appearance from a penguin, which guarantees it bonus points in my book. But is that enough to raise this episode above the abject medicority which has passed for much of this series?

Well, it goes without saying that a penguin alone won't sway my opinions, but I think it is fair to say that this is probably the best episode of World Destruction since the first instalment - That doesn't make it fantastic of course, but it was by far more entertaining that much of what has come before, even if it did drop into a world of cliché in the second half of the episode.

After seeing what the Destruct Code had to show them last time around, the World Destruction Committee set off for the winter continent, which actually allows us to focus on the World Salvation Committee for a change for the duration of this episode's first half, meaning that we learn a little more about Lia and Naja and their motivations - If only they'd done this kind of thing a little earlier instead of throwing it in as an afterthought, it might have helped the series develop in a slightly broader fashion.

Anyway, as we learn (although I guess we already knew if I'm honest) that Lia's home is with the dragons that reside in the winter continent (and no, I don't know why a fire-breathing creature would want to live in a cold place either), so her feelings are manipulated to go Hell for leather in her pursuit of the World Destruction Committee, which leads us to a cool (and dare I say sexy?) but ultimately cliched battle between herself and Morte. This plays right into the hands of our Wall-E creator wannabe crocodile, who manages to snatch the Destrict Code in the ensuing chaos, while also making sure he has time to laugh evilly. This guy has clearly been to the Bad Guy Finishing School and graduated with honours.

So, like I say, this was a better episode compared to a lot of the dross I've put up with from this series, so for that I can only be thankful. It still wasn't a classic, but it was fun and did just enough to draw me into its plot to keep me entertained, and I can't really ask anything more of it at this juncture. Oh, and did I mention the penguin?

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