Wednesday, 24 September 2008

World Destruction - Episode 12

Episode eleven of World Destruction left us with a cliff-hanger... Quite literally. Ho-ho. Sorry, I had to get that one out of my system. Anyway, with the Destruct Code stolen and Morte and company left in the winter continent, what next for our brave trio?

Quite simply, they get caught in another rather clichéd plot device. Sorry, I mean... they get caught in (cue booming voice) the Labyrinth of Memories. Said labyrinth takes Morte, Kirie and Toppi into their past, and a maze that they may never escape out of unless they can break out of that particular cycle - Which leaves me biting my tongue to make any jokes comparing watching World Destruction to being stuck in a labyrinth.

Meanwhile, Dr. Alligator or whatever his name is keeps on trying to reveal the secrets of the Destruct Code, and seems to be on to something that will doubtless be revealed next week, while the head of the World Salvation Committee heads after Morte under the false premise that she still holds the Destruct Code. All that aside, Lia and Naja seem to have taken a week off at this pivotal moment, as they don't appear in this episode at all oddly enough, at a time when it seemed as though the series was building up a grand entrance for them.

I can't really hide from the fact that this is a pretty average, run-of-the-mill anime, and thus this episode is entirely in keeping with that. It doesn't really tell us anything that we haven't figured out already about any of the main characters (apart from Toppi being rubbish at chatting up female bears perhaps), and brushed dangerously close to filler territory at times considering it's episode twelve of thirteen. They don't seem to have left themselves much room to play with to end the series on a high, but I suppose we'll just have to wait and see if World Destruction can perhaps redeem itself with a lasp gasp sensation. I wouldn't want to put money on it though.

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Vanny said...

And there's only 1 episode left T_T This episode was kinda a let down for me because, well it just showed how sad Morute's past was, like we never knew about it... -_- Except for her parents' part. Anyways, I still love this show!